Culture of Medicine

Mission Statement

As members in Culture of Medicine, we strive to do 3 things:
1. To provide a contemporary, holistic exposure to healthcare.
2. To help our members better articulate why or why not to pursue a career in medicine.
3.  And to foster a safe, open, and respectful community for our premedical family.


In addition to learning all about the hurdles involved in pursuing a dream career in medicine, you should decide if that investment of time is worthwhile by exploring other factors that will influence the scope of your chosen career. The Culture of Medicine Committee will expose AMSA members to various topics related to healthcare in order to foster a well thought-out decision to pursue a medical career. Topics will include: controversial issues in bioethics, the diversity of medicine, and the current/future direction of healthcare. The Culture of Medicine Committee also oversees Premeds of Berkeley, a social media project launched in the Fall of 2015, which "Captures the laughs, struggles, and life lessons of Premeds at Berkeley in order to foster the Prehealth culture at Cal.

Contact the Culture of Medicine Committee Chair, Darin Chhing at