Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in Health, Gender & Sexuality

Mission Statement

The Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in Health and Gender and Sexuality (REACH/GS) committee aims to raise awareness about and reduce the health disparities between different groups of people, especially those from varying races, ethnicities, cultures, genders, and sexualities. Our goals include:
1) Strengthening the cultural and social competency of people in the health field
2) Empowering future health workers to be active in social movement towards health equity
3) Promoting diversity of the healthcare workforce
The committee attempts to address and alleviate healthcare disparities through education, advocacy, and service.


The REACH/GS committee strives to raise awareness of the disparities in care received by people of different identities and backgrounds. We will hold discussions, have presentations, and take action through projects to further our goals.

Contact the REACH/GS Committee Chair, Nallely Montes at nallely.montes@berkeley.edu